Hypnotist James Graham Update

Windsor Hypnotist James Graham Summer 2019 Update and tour news.

It’s been an exciting summer for the Windsor Ontario Hypnotist in 2019.

James successfully completed a 23 date Midwest United States high school hypnotist show tour that lasted from mind-April to mid June. This tour took him thru Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. He then capped it off with the Raptor’s game party in June as well.

The hypnotist james Graham update includes flying across North America performing his comedy hypnotist show for corporate audiences as well as highschool, colleges, resorts and even a Toronto Raptors Championship winning pre-party.

To end June off, the Windsor Ontario hypnotist was flown  to Albuquerque New Mexico to speak to a group of Financial planners about the power of the mind.  Graham’s keynote speech was based on his best selling book Master Your Matrix. James motivated the group by sharing tips and techniques on goal visualization and subliminal sales techniques.

Graham, then finished off the conference with his hilarious corporate hypnotist show entertainment for the amazed audience.

In July of 2019, the hypnotist from Windsor Ontario charged down to Beverly hills California to speak to a group of real estate agents. Once again, his keynote presentation was based on his Master Your Matrix book. James then followed his corporate presentation with a hypnotist demonstration to make his point to the audience.

To finish off the summer 2019 hypnotist james Graham update, North America’s most Hilarious Hypnotist, was flown north to Baker Lake Nunuvit Canada to be the headline feature performer at the Festival by the Lake.

Baker Lake is 1000 miles north of Winnipeg Manitoba and it took 11 flights to get there and back. Needless to say, the Windsor hypnotist racked up a lot of frequent flier miles.

These three highlight hypnosis shows were in addition to the ten other shows Graham performed this summer across Ontario, Canada and the USA.  James also performed at fairs and colleges to end off the summer.

For more information and updates about hypnotist James Graham, you can visit his main site – MindPower Presentations. For corporate entertainment, you can visit his Hypnotist Show website. For self hypnosis programs, visit his website MindPower Programs and for click here for Graham’s subliminal sales training programs.

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