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James Graham Music Career

Windsor Ontario Hypnotist James Graham has had a long extensive musical career. The Windsor Ontario Hypnotist has played in bands and bars since 1981.  James Graham also ran a Windsor Ontario recording studio called Indebasement Records and produced many local musical artists. 


Windsor Ontario hypnotist James Graham is a wonderful, loving caring man who is passionate about animals, music, entertainment, health, exercise, love and happiness. James Graham volunteers for many fundraiser events and donates his time to various charities.


James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada

James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada James Graham hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada spent this Thanksgiving weekend with his family in Union Ontario. The Windsor Ontario Hypnotist started his day by watching his favorite football team, the Detroit Lions beat the Green Bay Packers by a score of 31 to 20 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan. James …

Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham is back on tour with his hypnotist comedy show. The Windsor Ontario hypnotist tours across North America performing his comedy hypnotist show entertainment for corporate events, charity events, college and university student events, high school after prom parties, graduation parties, after-grad parties, high school student assemblies, fairs, festivals, resorts, private parties and more. Graham discovered …