James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada

James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada

James Graham hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada spent this Thanksgiving weekend with his family in Union Ontario.

The Windsor Ontario Hypnotist started his day by watching his favorite football team, the Detroit Lions beat the Green Bay Packers by a score of 31 to 20 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan.

James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada then got in his car and drove down the 401 highway from Windsor Ontario Canada to the small bedroom community of Union Ontario where his brother and sister in law live.

Windsor Ontario Hypnotist Arrival

Upon arriving, the Windsor Ontario hypnotist was greeted by his sister in law and their family dog.  After some small talk, James Graham went inside to visit with the rest of his family.

In attendance were his three nephews and their girlfriends as well the parents of local hypnotist James Graham‘s sister in law.

The Windsor hypnotist ‘s family all visited and socialized while watching more football on television. Plenty of food was available for munching on that included cheese, pickles, olives, and barbequed potato chips. All of James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada ‘s favorites snack food.

Soon after James Graham arrived, the Windsor Ontario hypnotist ‘s parents arrived as well.  More hugs, greetings, and laughter followed as everyone got ready to enjoy the Graham Thanksgiving dinner traditions.

Local Hypnotist James Graham Dinner

James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada
James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada

James Graham ‘s brother was in charge of the meal which included turkey and ham, stuffing, salads, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie and ice cream for desert.  For a hypnotist from Windsor Ontario Canada, this was a fabulous feast that was enjoyed by all of James Graham ‘s family.

Following the meal, James Graham Hypnotist Windsor Ontario Canada ‘s family settled in and watched the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Chicago Blackhawks play a thrilling game of hockey.

The hockey game, which is a big sport for anyone from Windsor Ontario Canada, resulted in Toronto winning over Chicago in overtime play with a score of seven to six.

Following the game, James Graham headed back to Windsor Ontario Canada where he continues to perform as a Windsor Ontario Canada hypnotist.

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