Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham
Hypnotist James Graham

Hypnotist James Graham is back on tour with his hypnotist comedy show. The Windsor Ontario hypnotist tours across North America performing his comedy hypnotist show entertainment for corporate events, charity events, college and university student events, high school after prom parties, graduation parties, after-grad parties, high school student assemblies, fairs, festivals, resorts, private parties and more.

Graham discovered hypnosis back in 1983 when he found a classified ad in the back of a Rolling Stone magazine that said, “Double Your Income Guaranteed With Hypnosis.”

What was offered was an audio cassette that contained a hypnosis program by a renowned hypnotist, Barry Konikov who founded the self improvement program company, Potentials Unlimited.

James Graham then sent fifteen dollars to the company and received the audio cassette back a few days later.  Contained within the package was the instructions for the hypnotist program.  The instructions simply said, ” Play side A every night at bedtime and play side B during the daytime.”

To clarify, the A side of the cassette contained a guided hypnosis meditation with a  hypnotist speaking and guiding the listener into a hypnotic trance. What follows are suggestions for new ways of thinking about money, success, wealth and abundance.

On side B, there is music and the same suggestions for change and transformation but there is no hypnotist giving instructions to go into a hypnosis trance. This is called a subliminal audio program.

Windsor Ontario Hypnotist James Graham followed the instructions and began playing the audio hypnosis program that very night and every night afterward.   He also played the B side of the cassette during the day. 

After playing the Make More Money hypnosis program every day and night, within two weeks, Graham received an income offer that was doubled his money and income. From that point on, the Windsor Ontario Hypnotist was hooked on hypnosis.

Hypnotist James Graham began using this Windsor Ontario hypnotist program and other hypnosis programs such as weight loss hypnosis programs, stress release hypnosis programs, quit smoking hypnosis programssleep hypnosis programs, binaural beats audio programs and more.

After using these hypnotist programs himself, James Graham started helping others as a hypnotist in Windsor Ontario to help people lose weight, stop smoking, sleep better, release stress, increase confidence, improve memory and more through his audio hypnosis program website, MindPower Programs.com.

James Graham’s hypnotist program website has many audio hypnosis programs for instant download as well as information about hypnosis, self-development, and self-improvement.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can improve your life with hypnosis, hypnotist James Graham is available to be contacted through his website contact page which can be found here.


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