Windsor Ontario Hypnotist

Windsor Ontario hypnotist Jimmy G is known as being the funniest comedy hypnotist in Canada.

windsor Ontario Hypnotist
Great Guy!

JimmyG’s comedy hypnotist shows are big hits for corporate event entertainment, fundraiser events, charity events, and Christmas party entertainment

Jimmy G also does high school all night student parties for post prom entertainment, senior grad night entertainment, graduation parties and more.

Windsor Ontario has been home the hypnotist since 1981. That’s when Jimmy G moved to Windsor from Tilbury Ontario as a musician.

At that point, Jimmy G who was years from being a hypnosis entertainer at that point, joined a touring rock band from Windsor Ontario called Destiny.

The hypnotist has called Windsor his home base since then. Although Jimmy G travels extensively, he loves the rose city. It’s been JimmyG’s home where he has established himself as an honorable man.

Even though the Windsor hypnotist has always done the right things, a few people have tried to destroy him with false accusations

Haters who posed as loving women tricked him into relationships that now threaten to destroy his career and life. This is also what is happening to many men in Windsor Ontario every year.

A Windsor Ontario hypnotist is a huge target and seen as evil by society. The feminist agenda is out to convince the world that all men are evil. And now that the Canadian government is run by feminist Justin Trudeau, they have changed the law of protecting the innocent to making any man accused by a woman automatically guilty.

Ironically, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who admitted to innappropriately groping a female, had his assault conveniently swept under the rug.

This goes to show the hypocrisy of sexual assault laws in Windsor Ontario Canada. Unless your in a high office and have the police, crown and judges in your back pocket, every man is at the mercy of the new #MeToo witch hunt.

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